Week of April 12th and April 19th

The last two weeks were a race to Golden Week in Japan.


We're expanding our catalog a lot and some things are a little bit more time sensitive than others. So when I received emails from a lot of the licensors that deadlines are coming soon and reviews won't kick in again until well into May, it basically turns projects into an "all hands on deck" kind of mentality.


So with the help of Jeremy, the senior designer of the team, we knocked out stuff for Street Fighter, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, and Inuyasha. About twenty new items.


Meanwhile, as our relationship grows with the stores that buy directly from us, we have begun working with stores that have the space, to get them floor displays to store and showcase our products to their customers. It is allowing our brand to have a bigger presence in stores, and opens up old used space for other products from other companies. Then the customer sees how many things they can collect from us, and can go into a buying spree.


I think it's the start of something good for little ol' us. Don't forget, you might think we're pretty big because we have cool licensed properties, but this company has under 10 employees!


For now, anyway... *Rubs hands together*


The other big thing was the first ten emblems are up for sale. While six of them are still in transit from Arizona to New York (where we're located), I know it will arrive in a few short days (as of writing this), and I really wanted to get these items out to the market already, especially before April ends. The superfans have been getting amped up from the production teasers I've been posting on social media, and knew Friday the 23rd was as good a time as any to begin accepting orders.


Onward to another week!