The OFFICIAL Blips and Chitz! - Sweatshirt

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Why get knock off Blips gear when you can get the real deal?!

Are you tired of the same daily droll? Head on over to BLIPS AND CHITZ!!!

We got, uh, one game! We got a whole bunch of games here! You can eat that--CHABOS! And FLOBOS! You can shoot things--GET OVER HERE!

Play the games, use your flurbos to get tickets! Rooooy 2 kit just got here!

Get over here to Blips and Ch--Chitz!!!

It's the coolest place in the world, ha ha ha, I get to be on the shirt!

Hoodies are printed on 50/50 cotton/polyster, navy fabric.

Designed for a t-shirt by Angela Trizzino and the Rick and Morty team!

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