Lil Poopy Superstar Exclusive Comic Variant - Rick and Morty

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Only 3500 copies of this variant exist. Less than 600 remain!

A new comic miniseries based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's hilarious [adult swim] animated show RICK AND MORTY?

Mr. Poopybutthole is in trouble, and he turns to the one person he can trust: Summer Smith! She's more than willing to help, but is he telling her the whole truth? Written and drawn by Sarah Graley (Our Super Adventure) and colored by Mildred Louis (Agents of the Realm), Summer and Mr. Poopybutthole embark on their very own fantastic adventure across space, complete with jailbreaks, hijackings, and high school prom.

Plus! Backup comics featuring good ol' Rick and Morty, drawn and colored by Marc Ellerby!

This limited edition comic book variant is available as part of Summer's Summer Special, but for the pure comic book collectors, you can grab the comic individually, for your set. Extremely small quantities are available.

Cover illustrated by Alice Meichi-Li.

And it's a pretty funny first issue, too!


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