Tales from the Citadel - Rick & Morty 18x24 Poster

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Life isn't always about happy wafers and Ricks doing something scientific. 

Life on the Citadel can get pretty dark. There are an infinite amount of stories when multiple universes of yourself live in disarray. 

How does one uphold the law? How does one feel special when working in a factory? What is one's purpose when your classmates are only yourself? Who will lead the people to something greater? 

These are only a few "Tales From The Citadel."

  • 18 x 24 print is a premium poster on semigloss (170gsm).
  • Ships in a tube, and separate from other items.
  • Illustrated by Mikegoesgeek.
  • Licensed product of Rick & Morty Season 3, episode 7: The Ricklantis Mixup/Tales From The Citadel

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