Ordered "Make America Schwifty Again" and you're an international customer?

November 07, 2016

Hi there,

Good news! Your order was mailed out alongside the domestic orders, back on October 31st with stragglers mailed out November 1st and 2nd. 

Unfortunately, fulfillment found it wasn't a top priority to synchronize their system, that they use with shipstation.com, with ours, shopify.com. That was why you never received an e-mail confirming your order has been fulfilled until the eve of November 7th. 

Fulfillment didn't find this to be of top priority, as we currently do not have live-tracking for international orders. In other words, tracking will seldom work for international customers. 

So your confirmation was e-mailed five or six days after your order was fulfilled. 

It was my decision to mark all of your orders as fulfilled, and I did so manually. If you absolutely need a tracking number, that might or might not work, please do not hesitate to contact support@zenmonkeystudios.com and we will request it from fulfillment to forward it to you.

Please remember, if you ordered more than a single shirt, or if your order was really large, that you might have to check with your local customs office. What often happens with big orders, is that customs requires an additional customs fee that we are both unable to foresee, nor able to implement into our shipping.

I'm glad that your order is on your way, but I am absolutely sorry about the confusion. I knew that when I manually marked all the order numbers as fulfilled, I would have to explain this in some way to help confirm everything is on its way.

But understand, if there are any problems, let us know through support@zenmonkeystudios.com with your order number generated on our site.

Thanks guys! Wish for our country to not fall apart, no matter the outcome!

Zen Monkey Studios

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