It's Summer's Summer Special!

July 12, 2016

It's Summer's Summer Special!

After we offered the Meeseeks Mystery Box back on Black Friday, Justin Roiland wanted us to offer another bundle deal, with a higher count so we didn't sell out on a single day.

We felt while many Rick and Morty fans couldn't get to San Diego Comic-Con, summer would be the perfect time to offer a bundle deal again! And there's a Summer on the show... What a perfect name!

This time we have another exclusive shirt, an exclusive pin, and a special variant cover of OniPress' new series, Lil' Poopy Superstar. Our friends at J!NX are finishing up the Poopy plush, we befriended Cryptozoic Games to offer Total Rickall, and before you know it, you have a full-fledged bundle.

We felt adding another pin, and a voucher to the mix, since we'll have many more products in time for the holidays, the perfect topper to our box.

But we asked Justin if he'd be down into offering his autograph into a few boxes. He agreed! We found the perfect image of Rick and Birdperson, and both Justin and Dan Harmon found a few hours of their busy schedule to sign 50 cards for 50 lucky fans.

It's the perfect way to support the most devoted and hardcore fans.

We also have had a number of more products that were approved by licensing and wanted to figure out a way to offer them in a reasonable fashion, and so we have offered add-ons. If a person wants another shirt or two, they can. Are you addicted to pin collecting? Great! We got you covered.

We will run the preorders for about two weeks to tally up the sizes of the shirts, and to wait for J!NX's poopy doll to arrive to us. Once everything is ready to go in August, they'll be rushing out the door!

These boxes are limited but we hope you like what we're offering. And once you get yours in the mail, show us!

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