A Select Few Rick and Morty Fan Art

September 23, 2016

A Select Few Rick and Morty Fan Art

We’re continually inspired and amazed by fan art. After all, we're fans too! Heck, as we've worked alongside Justin Roiland and his team for nearly two years now, we've helped grow by finding artists through fan art!

To help us celebrate our connection of the show, as both a company and as fans,  we dove head first into Tumblr's Rick and Morty fan art and found a just a few worth sharing. We encourage you to look into the online community as well, and see just how passionate people can be for this highly dysfunctional family.



Rick and Morty by Kai Texel

We all know the complex relationship between these two. So it's just nice that even though Rick and Morty are always arguing with each other, pushing one another down flights of stairs, just to laugh at them, letting them get killed in numerous realities... That they still care for one another. That they're still friends.


Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!! By La-Nita

What a fun one! The stylistic way everyone is drawn, and just the composition, makes this one of our favorites. 

Do I see a few items owned by Stanley Pines too? ;-) ;-) ;-)


Beth and Jerry by Niklaud

You know, sometimes it's just nice to a warm side to Beth and Jerry's otherwise awful relationship. 


Flesh Curtains Concert by Voidbug

While our Flesh Curtains sweatshirts are currently out of stock, the fact remains it's remarkable how one quick little image of background art from one episode got a life of its own online. Not only did we pick up on it, and create merchandise for it, but you guys kept creating fan art based on it, and then other licensees began to do it too!

Voidbug's illustration of the concert is more than just a great illustration. It shows just how creative the fans are, by taking something that lasted about two seconds on screen.


Paper Cut Out by Yaoyao's Art Things 

If this was a normally drawn fan art, we'd still love it. Good, strong composition, likenesses are intact. 

But then the fact this is all made out of paper, blows us away.

More fan art, please!

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