Thanks for stopping by!

April 18, 2016

Thanks for stopping by!


You made it to our updated store. Great! 'Scuse our mess if it's still not working 100%. We've been working on this upgrade since December!

Most everything you see here should remind you of our older store, just a little bit more streamlined. A little bit easier to navigate. Just a little bit more of what we want to give you a more enjoyable experience.

For example, we just set up a loyalty program! Now while it has no page to explain why you should join the loyalty program as we write this blog entry, for anyone that registers an account on the new site will automatically be earning points they can eventually redeem to buy free items with!

What else is new? Well, we're thiiiiis close to offering collectable pins! Plush! And who knows what else? Only time will tell, but the fact remains---we can do it now!

So thank you all for your continued support. We're trying to get better as we have grown exponentially both this year and last. We're not perfect, and we never will be, but we're always working hard to get to the next level. 


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